Kenes Rakishev: When will paper money be cancelled?

Kenes Rakishev: When will paper money be cancelled?

There are those who speak, but there are those who act. One may argue about who still lives well, or you can just calmly do your job. Kenes Rakishev – does. He started it when there was no more talk. And there was not even a thought about what was needed, how it should be, and to whom. Why does he do? Because it can.
A talented businessman who understands what is needed for everything to work. Kenes Rakishev is a young entrepreneur, unlike many Oxford students did not put his diploma on the table to brag to his friends on occasion. He studied at the institute, so when he graduated, he already had a clear idea of ​​what he would do in the future. I quickly realized that the future was for IT, for ideas. The ideas of the young and reckless who do not understand the words “can not.” “It does not happen”, “will not work.”And this is an inexhaustible resource. It will never end, because it is people and brains. He does what he is interested in, and not what is “right” or “laid.” Kenes Rakishev is not afraid to take risks, and therefore he is looking for the same ones who forgot to learn words in childhood.

“Impossible” and “unreal.”

Kenes Rakishev understands by some special instinct who “shoots”, and who does not have enough powder. It was thanks to this that he was able to attract Carlos Slim to one of his projects, the Mobli photo and video service. Carlos never invests money in IT, and made an exception for Rakishev. Why? Could you “infect” this visionary businessman with your idea? Bribed confidence and adventurism? Who knows, but the result is obvious: now Kenes Rakishev is among the ten most successful investors in the world.

Rakishev was one of the first to understand that paper money will soon go down in history as well as video recorders and gram plate players. Yes, of course, there will be a small handful of people for whom money is a subject of cult and fetish. Hold in your hands, warm, rustle. Someone likes to sit in front of the fireplace and watch the flames play on the walls of the glass, and someone likes to look at Krasnoyarsk. To each his own. Well, the transparency of transactions, of course. As long as there are lovers of “launder”, there will be suggestions for them. And with electronic money, “unfortunately”, everything is too open. And to this in our country, anyway, but not yet ready. Folk fun – nagrebi state too many tickles your nerves and replenishes wallets.
Sometimes it seems that the success of this person’s projects is not connected with what they do, but with him. Because the percentage of those successful startups is too high, in the lists of which sponsors his name flashes. As if he specifically finds the most incredible projects that, according to all the laws of the universe, should have disappeared into obscurity. And each time he puts a “tick”, which again turned out to be right, he did not look. Agree, when no one expects anything from you, to become the best is doubly pleasant. This young man, by the standards of modern business, wipes his noses with venerable and toothy, saying: I am the future, I know where to go and I go there.

Not so long ago, the foundation of this businessman became a sponsor of the STOX project. They predict cryptocurrencies, exchange them and convert without the involvement of intermediaries. This year, in the framework of the ICO, the guys earned $ 33 million in 34 hours. Who would have thought, right?

When a group of initiative comrades decided to open a Social Adaptation Center for children who grew up in orphanages, they did not have a question about whose foundation to apply. Unlike many, Kenes Rakishev understands that several thousand smart and competent specialists – former orphanage children – are much better than a huge number of people unfit for life who have absolutely no idea where to apply themselves in this life.

One can wrinkle his nose as much as he wants and say: yes, he is all just for money. Well, first, and who is doing something with us now not for the sake of money? Altruists? Well, they do it for the sake of self-satisfaction. The currency is different, but the essence is the same: the product is a fee. And what it will be does not matter: wooden beads, sable skins, self-esteem or gold. And secondly, and even because of the money? Someone from this bad? Quite the contrary: everyone is well and everyone is happy. Everyone has their own ways to make the world around them better. And the means of all their own, and opportunities. The only question is how to manage your resources, both material and mental. Judge people by their actions, not by their words, no matter how it looks at first glance.

PS An interesting video about how a protected smartphone with a blockchain from SIRIN LABS, created by Kenes Rakishev, is different from a regular phone.

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